Question Export

Use this screen to export questions, as well as entire assessments, along with all their settings and textual content. The export is generated as a ZIP package that includes the content in an XML file and any resources associated with that content. The ZIP package can optionally be encrypted and password protected to secure your data.

Export Transaction ID
This is the unique identifier for the export transaction. If you have questions about an export or require technical support, please reference this transaction ID when contacting the support staff.
Export Format
Brillium XML Version 1.0 is the main export format supported. While you can export using the Brillium Excel Version 4.0 format, it will not work for all question types, nor will it export any assessment or question group settings or any resources affiliated with questions.  
Export File Name
This is the name associated with the export file when it is complete. The default is “TCExport_xxx_date,” where “xxx” is the Assessment ID you are exporting and “date” is the current date in the format of “yyyymmdd.” This can be changed to anything you want, but should adhere to a naming convention that suits your organization.
Export Password (optional)
You have the option of entering a password to protect the generated ZIP package file with AES (Advanced Encryption Standard or Rijndael) encryption. By providing a password, and exporting to a compatible format, you will be able to download an encrypted and password-protected data file. If you do not enter a password, your content will not be encrypted and anyone with access to the ZIP file will be able to see the content contained within.
Export Results
This field indicates if an export is successful or not.
Export Log
Use the link in this field to view the export log. Viewing the export log will help identify any errors that occurred during the generation of the export file.
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