Assessment Invitation Manager

The top portion of the Assessment Invitation Manager screen provides information about the invitations associated with the identified assessment, while the lower portion lists the respondents who have been added as invitees.

To sort the invitee list, click one of the column heading names. An arrow then appears indicating which column is determining the sorting order and whether the sorting is in alphabetically ascending or descending order. To filter the invitee list, enter filter criteria in the text boxes below the column heading names, and then click the filter icon found to its right. Click the icon once, and the default filter criteria "Contains" is used; click the icon a second time, and a dropdown menu presents a variety of filters from which you can choose.

On the right-hand side of the screen is the Invitation Control Panel, from where you can modify and manage invitations and add new invitees. For more information related to the options contained in the Invitation Control Panel, click the option, and then access the context help related specifically to that function by clicking the question mark icon on that particular page.

Use the action buttons on the bottom of the page to take action on one or more respondents. Simply locate the checkboxes found to the left of each respondent’s name, and click as few or as many as desired. Then click either the Invite Selected button, to send an initial invitation; the Remind Selected button, to send a reminder to respondents previously invited; or the Delete Selected button, to remove invitees from the list. If you wish to perform any of these actions to every invitee on a page, click the master checkbox (found to the left of the column heading names) to check all the checkboxes on the page at once.
Note: Each page contains a maximum of 20 names, and you can only work with one page at a time, so if your list is longer than 20, you will need to scroll through all the pages necessary to complete your list of invitees. Alternatively, you can use the Bulk Email Invitations option located in the Invitation Control Panel. 

If you prefer to work with one particular respondent at a time, use the icons found in the Actions column to the right. Click the edit icon to view the respondent's invitation status and/or modify his/her information, or click the delete icon to delete the respondent.
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