Course Respondent Information

The Course Respondent Information page displays the respondent's personal information on the top portion of the screen, and a summary and statistical overview of the respondent's Course Item results on the bottom portion. 

The buttons along the bottom of the page allow you to modify results for any item that has been started or completed. To add or remove retakes, sync an assessment (which is only needed in the rare instance that a course item and assessment score are out of sync), or reset an item to a “Not Started” status (which will delete any assessment results associated with the item), simply click the checkbox next to the item you wish to work with, and then click the appropriate button on the bottom of the screen to implement the change.
In addition, you can click the edit icon found in the Actions column to access the Respondent Edit page from where you can view and run reports, as well as perform any of several additional actions that affect a respondent's results.
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