Course Respondent Editor

From the Edit Course Respondent screen you can set up course respondents, and then either allow or deny those respondents access to the various courses in this account.

Begin by filling out the Course Respondent Information. Enter the First Name, Last Name, and Email Address, and then provide a Login ID and Password, which you can either type directly into the text fields provided or generate by clicking the Auto buttons found to their right.
Next, enter any custom field information requested. You may leave any of the custom fields blank, but if the information is required (as indicated by an asterisk), the respondent will be required to supply it upon login.
Finally, click the Only Save button to save this course respondent's information, or click the Save & Email button to not only save the information but also send a short email message to the respondent containing the course web address, Login ID, and Password.
Note: When an email is sent, the Email Sent field will indicate the date and time the login information was sent to the respondent.
Once the respondent has been added, you can assign courses to him/her by selecting a course name from the Select Course to Add dropdown found on the lower part of the screen, and clicking the Add button to its right. The course will then appear in the list at the bottom of the screen. 
To remove an assigned course, click the Remove button found in the Actions column to the right. Items with a "Not Started" Status, will immediately be removed with no forewarning, although you can always restore a course by selecting it from the dropdown and then clicking Add. If, however, the respondent has already started the course, as indicated by an "Incomplete" in the Status column, clicking the Remove button will open the Delete Course Assignment screen and a warning that results for this respondent already exist. 
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