Course Respondent Listing

The Course Respondent Listing displays all respondents that have been given access to any courses in the active account. You can sort the information on this page by clicking the down arrow found to the right of any column heading. The results will then appear in ascending order using the criteria in the specified column.

Navigate the listing by clicking the Prev and Next buttons, provided more than one page of respondents exist. Alternatively, you can type the number of the page you wish to view in the Page textbox and press the Enter key to go there directly, or type the name of the respondent you wish to find in the Search For field and click Search.
To edit respondent information, or to modify access to a course, click the respondent's corresponding Edit icon found in the Actions column to the right. This will open the Edit Course Respondent screen.
To add a new course respondent, simply click the Add New Course Respondent button found at the bottom of the screen to open the Edit Course Respondent screen.
To delete respondents, locate the checkboxes found to the left of each respondent’s name, and click as many as desired. Then click the Delete Selected Respondents button. More information regarding the deletion action is available in the context help on the Delete Course Respondents page.
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