Respondent Summary

The Respondent Summary page displays the email address and name of every respondent within the active account, along with the number of assessments they have taken and the average score they have achieved.

Important Note: This page shows all assessment respondents across this account; therefore, every respondent appearing on this page has not necessarily taken the assessment that you are actively viewing.

Navigate the report by clicking the Previous and Next buttons, provided more than one page of respondents exist. Alternatively, you can type the number of the page you wish to view in the Page textbox and press the enter key to go there directly, or type the name of the respondent you wish to find in the Respondent Search field and click Search.

To view more detailed information about a particular respondent, click the Analyze button found to the right of the screen. This will open the Respondent Analysis screen, which summarizes all of the respondent's assessment results and provides an edit icon for accessing the corresponding Respondent Edit screen from where you can perform any of several actions as well as run and/or view reports.

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