Score Summary

The Score Summary page provides statistical information for all respondents who have either started or completed this assessment. You can sort this information by clicking the down arrow found to the right of any column heading. The results will then appear in ascending order using the criteria in the specified column.
To perform any of several actions to a particular respondent, or to review reports related to that respondent's assessment, click the corresponding Edit icon found in the Actions column to the right. This will open the Respondent Edit screen. 
Some of the actions available on the Respondent Edit screen are also available using the the action buttons on the bottom of the page. This is particularly helpful if you wish to perform an action to more than one respondent. To work with respondents in this way, locate the checkboxes found to the left of each respondent’s name, and click as many as desired. Then click either the Score Selected Essays button (which appears only if applicable), Reset Selected Respondents button (which allows you to modify retakes and time available to test takers), or Delete Selected Respondents button. More information regarding the actions associated with these buttons is available in the context help on the related pages.
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