Advanced Options Editor - Assessment Agreement Options

Agreement Enabled
This feature indicates whether an agreement will be shown at the beginning of the assessment. The default setting of "No" means that no agreement will be presented to respondents prior to their entering the assessment. Setting this to "Yes" means that an agreement must be entered into prior to responding to the assessment.
Note: If selected, you must provide either Agreement Text or an Agreement Resource, as explained below.
Agreement Version
Enter the version number to be recorded in the audit log, indicating which version of the agreement respondents have agreed to upon entering the assessment. If changes are made to the agreement at a later time, the software will force you to provide a new, and different version number, as the application will only maintain a single version of the agreement. Tracking older versions and their corresponding numbers is your responsibility.
Agreement Text
Enter the agreement text that will be shown to respondents prior to the assessment if the Agreement Enabled option above has been set to "Yes." The agreement will be displayed in a scrollable text area on the page preceding the Login page. Alternatively, or additionally, you may include an Agreement Resource.
Agreement Resource
The Agreement Resource field is typically used to provide a downloadable, PDF version of the Agreement Text. However, if a text version of the agreement is not available or necessary, and you have uploaded a resource that is more appropriate (using the Manage Resources button located on the account Home page), you may select that resource from the dropdown menu.
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