Sub-Account Creator, Part 2

Use this form to provide contact information as it relates to your organization and the primary contact person for this account. You can also set certain key options for this account.

Enter the information requested below. (Refer to the Privacy link at the bottom of this page for complete information about our strict privacy policy.) All fields marked with a blue star must be filled out as they contain required information. When filling in the Phone Number field, remember to include any extension required to reach the primary contact, and be sure to enter the Email Address correctly, as this will be used throughout the system to send correspondence to the account owner.
In addition to providing the required information, you can also set the following optional fields: 
Character Set
You can modify the Character Set to accommodate languages not best served by Unicode by choosing the appropriate character set from the dropdown menu. Once selected, the character set will be used for all assessment content under this account.
*To support right-to-left languages such as Hebrew, Arabic, and Urdu, click the "Use Right-to-Left" checkbox below the Character Set option.
Time Zone
Select the time zone for this account and its assessments. The time zone selection will apply to all date and time values displayed within the reporting area of this account. It will also apply to assessment delivery, meaning that regardless where test takers are when completing an assessment, they will see the date and time of the time zone selected.
Page Theme
From the dropdown menu, select the theme you would like to apply to the authoring environment for this account. The theme will affect the color palette. It is also possible for the theme to affect the fonts, layout and/or images that can be used in assessments.
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