Search & Replace Wizard, Part 3

This page of the Search & Replace Wizard displays every matching occurrence of the searched for text that was located in the Search Within records chosen. If you selected Replace All and Show Summary, the updated text, reflecting the replacement, is also displayed, and the Undo Replace button appears on the bottom of the page, allowing you one final opportunity to rollback the changes just made.

To edit any of the records on this page, click the pencil-and-paper edit icon found to the right of each record. (You must enable pop-ups on this site to take advantage of this feature.) The appropriate editor for the occurrence you wish to edit will pop-up in a new window or browser tab. Once you have implemented the edit, simply close the window or browser tab to continue working with this Wizard page.

Important Note: While the Undo Replace button serves as a final safety net, the replacements you have specified have already been implemented; therefore, once you click the Go Back button at the bottom of the page, you will have NO further recourse for undoing the Search & Replace performed.

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