Search & Replace Wizard, Part 2

Use this page of the Search & Replace Wizard to specify the exact action you wish to take with regards to searching for and/or replacing text.

Search For

This displays the text that was entered in the Search For field on the previous page.

Found Occurrences

The number displayed indicates how many occurrences of the searched text have been located in the Search Within records selected. If this number looks much larger than expected, you may wish to revise your search options. Regardless of the number, you should proceed with caution when selecting an action from the available action choices explained below.

Search/Replace Action

Choose Display Search Results to show, and only show, every occurrence of the searched text that has been identified within the fields selected. No text will be replaced, nor will the content be changed or affected in any way. It is highly recommended you choose this action prior to performing a replace, particularly if the number displayed for Found Occurrences seems inordinately high. 

Choose Review Each Replacement to maintain a high level of control over each and every instance of proposed replacements. Once you enter the replacement text you wish to use and click the Begin Replace button at the bottom of the page, each occurrence of the searched text is displayed one at a time, allowing you to review each one before submitting or undoing it.

Choose Replace All and Show Summary to have the system replace every occurrence of the searched text that it identifies within the fields selected. Once you click the Perform Replace button at the button of the page, Brillium immediately locates and amends the text as stipulated, displays a summary report of each occurrence found and replaced, and presents an Undo Replace button as a final safety net. It is important to note that once you leave the replacement summary page the undo capability is lost, and all replaces become final and irreversible.

Replace With

This field only opens if you select one of the two replace options (explained above) so that you can enter the new text that will replace the text entered in the Search For field.

WARNING:  It is important to note that performing a replace affects the content stored in the database. Once you leave the Wizard it is completely irreversible. As with any action that cannot be undone, it should be undertaken prudently and with great caution!

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