Default Settings Editor - Question Group Default Settings

Question Presentation
Within each question group, choose whether questions will be presented in their existing order by selecting "Sequential," or in random order by selecting "Random." If branching is enabled for an assessment, a question presentation of "Branching" will also be available. Only question groups with a question presentation of "Branching" will be allowed to contain branching type questions.

Question to Ask
Enter the number of questions to present to each test taker from among all the questions in a question group. This setting is typically used in combination with the "Random" option above to create a unique testing experience for each respondent. 
Start Group on New Page
Select "Yes" to begin each question group on a fresh page. Select "No" to begin each question group below the last question of the previous question group.

Note: A “No” selection will be overridden if the setting for “Number of Questions Per Page” necessitates that question groups begin on a new page anyway.
Show Instructions on Review
Select "Yes" to display question group instructions on the Assessment Review page, accessed at the end of assessments (provided this option has been selected) by clicking the “Review Results” button. Select "No" if you do not want group instructions to appear on the Assessment Review page.
Group Passing Requirement
This setting determines if group scores will affect the overall passing status for respondents. The default setting of “No Additional Requirements” means that assessments will be viewed and scored holistically, without special consideration given to scores achieved on particular question groups. Setting this to “Must Achieve Group Passing Score” means that respondents MUST specifically pass each question group (by achieving the score stipulated in the following field) to be able to pass an assessment as a whole. In other words, respondents who receive failing scores on any question group will automatically fail an entire assessment, regardless of how they perform on the remainder of the assessment.
Group Passing Score
Enter the score that must be achieved on each question group in order to receive a passing grade. Use the "Group Passing Score" setting in combination with the "Must Achieve Group Passing Score" option from above to place special emphasis on question groups and provide a way for groups to impact the passing status of an entire assessment.
Show On Summary Page
Indicate what information, if any, will be presented to respondents on the Assessment Summary page presented upon completion of an assessment. You may choose to present no information by selecting “Nothing,” or you may present the “Group Score and Comments,” the “Group Score Only” or the "Group Comments Only."
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