Custom Style Options


Options in this section of the editor allow you to modify the styles, and in some cases the layout, of the respondent interface.

CSS Overrides

You may use this text box to provide CSS (cascading style sheets) overrides to the existing styles in the respondent interface.

This feature does require in-depth knowledge of the CSS style sheet language. We cannot provide training in the use of the CSS language, as that is beyond the scope of our system and support offerings. However an individual with this knowledge, normally a Web developer, is able to use tools (such as a browser's F12 tools) to view existing styles of the respondent engine and determine what CSS overrides would be necessary to achieve a particular modification to the way an element looks on the page.

WARNING! This feature is used at your own risk. We cannot provide technical support to those that accidentally break the functionality of the respondent engine by using this feature. For example, it is possible to do things like hide the "Next Page" button. However, doing so will prevent the respondent from moving forward and completing the assessment. If you accidentally break the respondent interface, we recommend blanking out this field to return to the out-of-the-box style and layout of the interface.

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