Social Sharing Options Editor


Use this page to edit the social sharing-related options for your assessment. These options pertain to the assessment you are actively editing only.

Link Shortening Options

To generate a short link to be used on social web sites (like Twitter), click the "Generate" button to the right of the field. This will generate a link that looks like:

The characters "abc" in the example link above will be replaced with a unique code that will point to your assessment.

WARNING: Generating a short link for an assessment could make your assessment easier to find and access by anyone. This is because the shortened link will be easier to guess than the full link with Assessment ID and password included.

Please note: Link Shortening Options are only available for our Brillium SaaS Basic, Professional, and Enterprise customers. This feature is not available to Brillium Evaluation or Server License customers for technical reasons beyond our control.

Twitter Sharing Options

Enable Twitter Result Sharing?

Set this to "Yes" if you would like your respondents to be able to share their results via their own Twitter account. The respondent will be shown a "Share Results" button at the bottom of the summary page of a successfully passed assessment. If they click this button and select Twitter, a window will appear that will allow them to post a tweet to their own Twitter account. A recommendation of the tweet text is provided, but they may edit it as they wish. The recommendation is based on the subsequent settings.

Set this to "No" if you do not want this option enabled for respondents. This is the default setting.

Twitter Message Template

Enter the base message that will be used as a recommended tweet for the respondent. This defaults to:

I just scored [SCORE] on [ASSESS_NAME]!

The dynamic values of "[SCORE]" and "[ASSESS_NAME]" will be replaced with the respondent's score and the name of the assessment respectively. These are currently the only dynamic values available within this string.

Note: Changing this setting within the editor, as with the other applicable settings, will automatically change the "Tweet Preview". This allows you to see an example of the recommended tweet for the respondent.

Twitter Hashtags

Enter any hashtags that you would like to appear in the recommended tweet for the respondent. Multiple hashtags should be entered in a comma-separated list (for example, "myFirstHashtag, mySecond, myThird").

Include "#Brillium" Hashtag

If you would like people to know about the awesome software you use for your online assessments, set this to "Yes". We love you too!

If you'd rather not share this information, set this to "No". We understand.

Twitter "Via" Username

If you would like to use your organization's Twitter username as a "via" reference within the tweet, enter the username in this box, without the preceding "@" sign.

Tweet Preview

This area simply shows what the recommend tweet will look like to the respondent. It allows you to make sure it looks okay while configuring the feature. It also allows you to determine how many characters your tweet is using and how many more are available to communicate your message. If you are above the 140-character limit, this area will alert you in red until you decrease the character count to 140 or less.

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