Taking a Test or Survey - The Summary Page

The Assessment Summary page presents the login information provided, as well as the date and time the assessment was started and completed. In addition, there may be various information regarding the results of your test or survey.

You have reached the end of the assessment and have arrived at the Assessment Summary page. This page presents the login information that you provided (or was provided for you) as well as the date and time the assessment was started and completed. In addition, you may see various information regarding the results of your test or survey, as explained below.

The assessment author determines what summary information, if any, is displayed on this page; therefore, you may see all, some, or none of the following items:

  • If your Overall Score is presented, which is the grade you earned for the assessment as a whole, it will appear below the login information. If your Group Scores are presented, which are the grades you earned for each separate question group within the assessment, they will appear below the Overall Score. If you completed a survey, of course there will be no scores to display.
  • Next you may see ending instructions for the assessment. Review these carefully, as they provide important information from the assessment author regarding your results and may include steps to follow upon completion of the assessment.
  • Finally, you may see the number of retakes allowed for this assessment. If retakes are not allowed, this information will not be displayed.

At the bottom of the page, you may see the following buttons:

  • If enabled, you will be able to click the "Review Results" button* to access the review pages where you can review the questions you missed.
  • If the author has enabled the "Email Results" option*, you will be able to click that button in order to email yourself (or possibly someone else) the assessment summary information. The email will only display the summary information contained on this page; it will not contain the questions or answers that appeared on your assessment.
  • Lastly, you may see a "Logout" button.* Clicking this button will either close the assessment window or bring you to an important link designated by the assessment author. Once you have clicked the "Logout" button, you will not be able to re-enter this assessment.  


All onscreen help topics reference the buttons and labels found within Brillium by their default names. However, these buttons and labels may be customized by the assessment author, so it is possible that a button referenced in the help topic will have a different name from the actual button you see that serves that function. Additionally, authors have the ability to remove buttons from the interface that they feel are unnecessary, so if the help topic references a button that you cannot locate, then it is likely that that button has been removed from your assessment and you can just disregard it.