Taking a Test or Survey - Review Pages

The Assessment Review page presents varying information from a test or survey

You have accessed the Assessment Review page(s). The review presents information that can include all test questions, only those questions that were answered incorrectly, the correct answers to all questions, explanatory text related to your answers, and any comments you provided as a test taker.

The assessment author determines what review information is displayed on this page; therefore, you may not see all of the following information:

  • If all the questions from your assessment are displayed, a system of color-coded icons helps you to quickly differentiate the questions you got right from those you got wrong. A green check icon indicates a correct answer, a red "X" icon indicates an incorrect answer, and a yellow exclamation point icon indicates a partially correct answer or an essay question. Sometimes, the assessment author will provide an Explanation for a question. If one is provided you should read it carefully as this explanation will help clarify why your answer was scored the way it was and may provide other useful feedback.
  • If the review contains more than one page of questions, you can navigate freely from page to page using the Next Page and Prev Page buttons.
  • When you have finished reviewing the assessment, you can click the Summary button at the bottom of the page to return to the Assessment Summary page. Alternatively, you can click the Logout button at the bottom of the page. Clicking this button will either close the assessment window or bring you to an important link designated by the assessment author. Once you have clicked the Logout button, you will not be able to re-enter this assessment.


All onscreen help topics reference the buttons and labels found within Brillium by their default names. However, these buttons and labels may be customized by the assessment author, so it is possible that a button referenced in the help topic will have a different name from the actual button you see that serves that function. Additionally, authors have the ability to remove buttons from the interface that they feel are unnecessary, so if the help topic references a button that you cannot locate, then it is likely that that button has been removed from your assessment and you can just disregard it.