Taking a Test or Survey - Question Pages

Question page(s) for this assessment contains multiple features and instructions that are important to recognize.

This page contains one or more questions that have been created for this assessment. Questions may be presented one at a time, several on a page, or as part of a question group that may contain its own set of instructions that you should read carefully. Helpful information about these pages is presented below. If you have further questions, please contact the assessment administrator.

Timed Assessments (Optional Feature)

If this assessment has a time constraint, you will be notified upon login, and a clock will display the remaining time available. Once time has elapsed, the assessment will automatically be closed, barring any additional answers from being saved. Note: Once the timer begins, it runs continuously, even if you exit and reenter the assessment.

Marking Questions for Review (Optional Feature)

If enabled, a checkbox to the right of each question allows you to mark questions you wish to review at the end of the assessment. Unanswered questions are also displayed at the end of the assessment. 

Comments (Optional Feature) If enabled, a text box allows you to enter your own comments to provide feedback for any question or answer. 

Navigating the Assessment

Navigate the assessment using the buttons at the bottom of each page. While button names can vary, typically there is a Next Page button that moves you forward, and a "Prev Page" button* that returns you to the previous page of questions and the answers recorded there. (Note: Some assessment types only allow you to navigate forward.) A "Back to Start" button* on the first page of questions allows you to return to the page with the beginning instructions. The final page presents a Finished button that you must click to end the assessment and calculate your results.

Question Types and How to Answer Them

There are a variety of question types with different corresponding answer choices: when you see round, radio buttons, select only one answer; when you see checkboxes, select one or more answers; when you see a dropdown list, select one item from the list of items; and when you see a text box, type your answer directly in the box itself.

Matching: The column to the left presents dropdown boxes from which you select the letter corresponding to the correct matching question found in the column to the right. The number of items in the left and right columns does not have to be the same. 

Fill-In/Short Answer: Type a brief answer in the space provided. At the assessment author’s discretion misspellings may be allowed, in which case the "sound" of the answer you type will be matched against the "sound" of the correct answer. 

Essay/Opinion: Type your answer in the space provided without limitation on length. You may format your answer with carriage returns and spaces, but text formatting features such as bold and italics are not currently supported and will not be saved should you include them in the answer you provide.


 It is advisable to use an editor such as Notepad or Microsoft Word so that you can save your information as you work, and then copy and paste the completed answer into the browser when you are finished.


All onscreen help topics reference the buttons and labels found within Brillium by their default names. However, these buttons and labels may be customized by the assessment author, so it is possible that a button referenced in the help topic will have a different name from the actual button you see that serves that function. Additionally, authors have the ability to remove buttons from the interface that they feel are unnecessary, so if the help topic references a button that you cannot locate, then it is likely that that button has been removed from your assessment and you can just disregard it.