Taking a Test or Survey - Marked Question Pages

Questions that were either marked for review or left unanswered can be returned to.

You have accessed the pages containing all questions that were either marked for review (using the Review Later check box) or left unanswered. You may now review those questions in order to provide or change the answers. The questions appear exactly as they did on the original question pages and can be answered in the same fashion.

Navigate through the pages of marked questions using the buttons at the bottom of the page. Clicking the Next Page button will bring you to the next page of marked questions. Clicking the Prev Page button will return you to the previous page of marked questions. 

Clicking the Return to Questions button will bring you back to the original question pages, where you may review all of the questions on the assessment, not just the marked or unanswered ones.  

Finally, clicking the Finished button will end the assessment, even if you still have marked or unanswered questions that have not yet been reviewed.    


All onscreen help topics reference the buttons and labels found within Brillium by their default names. However, these buttons and labels may be customized by the assessment author, so it is possible that a button referenced in the help topic will have a different name from the actual button you see that serves that function. Additionally, authors have the ability to remove buttons from the interface that they feel are unnecessary, so if the help topic references a button that you cannot locate, then it is likely that that button has been removed from your assessment and you can just disregard it.