How to Return Respondent to Previous Results

Returning a respondent to previous results allows them to view their results at any time after completing an assessment. This option also allows the respondent to access both their assessment review and any certificate they may have earned.

Create Duplicate

  1. From the Menu select Templates
  2. Locate Default Results Summary - Respondent Email
  3. Select the Copy icon
  4. Enter a New Emil Template Name
  5. Select Duplicate 


  1. Locate the duplicated email template beneath Custom Email Templates
  2. Select the Edit icon
  3. Complete the necessary fields in the Email Template 
  4. Select Save


An example of the link with your organization's subdomain would be:[GUID]


  1. From the Menu select Assessments
  2. Select the assessment to associate with the email template
  3. Select the Notifications tab
  4. For Results Template, select the email template created
  5. Select Save 

Logout Preference

  1. While still in the same assessment, select the Requirements tab
  2. Locate the Assessment Logout Options towards the bottom
  3. For Button Action select Hide Button
  4. Select Save


It is good practice to test the changes made to ensure it works as intended.