How to Customize a Brillium Workspace with a logo.

Show your brand and learn how to customize a Brillium Workspace with a Logo

Increase brand awareness by customizing your Brillium Workspace with a logo.  Simply follow the steps below.

Upload Your Logo:

  1. Select Files from the Menu
  2. Choose the Select button
  3. Select a logo from a local drive or folder
  4. Select the Upload button

A logo image must be in a PNG, JPG, or GIF file format. The content of the Shared Resources folder is accessible to the current Workspace AND any Secondary Workspaces below it in the Workspace hierarchy. This encourages file re-use across managed Workspaces and the assessments within them.


Some logos may require size modifications. While the length of a logo is generally a matter of preference, the height can take up more vertical space than desired by pushing authoring and assessment page content down, causing unnecessary scrolling.

Recommended Logo Size: Height: 50px (pixels); Width: 200px (between 100 and 350px)

Select a Logo to Display in the Workspace.

  1. Select the Account Profile Icon ()
  2. Select the Settings button
  3. Select the Customize tab
  4. Select a logo file using the Account Logo dropdown list
  5. Select the Save button