How to Create Topics with Brillium Assessment Builder

Organize test, exam, and survey questions into groups or knowledge domains using Brillium Topics, and get deep insight to learner knowledge and competency.

Assessment Topics

Advanced Feedback Options allow assessment authors to set additional scoring requirements and feedback messaging for an assessment. When enabled, the score requirements for a Topic must be achieved in order to meet the assessment passing requirements.

FOR EXAMPLE If an assessment Passing Score is 70% and a Topic has a Passing Score of 85%, respondents not meeting/exceeding the Topic score requirement of 85% will not achieve a passing score for the assessment overall because they did not meet the required Topic score.

Configure Advanced Feedback Options

  1. Select or Create an assessment
  2. Select a Question Topic to edit OR Select + Add New next to Question Topic
  3. Under Advanced Feedback Options select Passing Score Required for Topic Requirements
  4. Enter a Passing Message for respondents that meet the passing score requirement
  5. Enter a Non-Passing Message for respondents that do not meet the passing score requirement
  6. Select a Display on Feedback Screen option
    1. Nothing
    2. Topic Score and Messages - displays both the Topic score and corresponding message on the feedback screen presented to a respondent at the end of the assessment 
    3. Topic Score Only - displays only the Topic score on the feedback screen at the end of the assessment
    4. Topic Messages Only - displays only the corresponding Topic message on the feedback screen at the end of the assessment
  7. Select Save

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