Brillium File Manager

The Brillium File Manager allows for files to be easily organized, accessible, and shared.

Within the Brillium File Manger, folders can be added, and images, sounds, video, multimedia, and other common document formats can be uploaded to those folders.


A Shared Resources folder is automatically added beneath the Master Account folder and is shared by the master account Workspace and all subordinate Workspaces that have been granted the access to edit resources.


Folders and sub-folders can be added beneath the master account folder:

  1. Click the existing folder where the new folder will be located within
  2. Select + New Folder
  3. Enter a name for the new folder
  4. Select OK


With the exception of the Master Account and Shared Resources folders, all other folders can be renamed or deleted by clicking that folder and selecting Rename or Delete.

Upload File

  1. Select the folder where the file will be located
  2. Once the folder is "highlighted" locate Upload New File (right of page)
  3. Choose Select
  4. Select the file to upload: select Choose and then Upload
  5. Once the file is uploaded, click on the file to PreviewRename, or Delete


Uploaded files can easily be moved to a new folder location by simply selecting the file and dragging it to another folder. The same action can also be used to relocate folders within the File Manager.