Applications changed in this release:
  • Brillium Administration
  • Brillium Assessment Builder
  • Brillium Partner Central
  • Brillium Talent Screen

General Platform Enhancements


  • 4337, 4339, 4448, 4455, 4455, 4389,  4456, 4465
    • general updates to improve deployment processes, workflows
    • miscellaneous API updates
    • miscellaneous updates and enhancements to improve platform management and scalability

Brillium Assessment Builder


  • Brillium now transmits assessment score updates to external course and learning management platforms (LMS) when using LTI, AICC, GET, and POST integration methods. After all essay questions are scored for a respondent attempt, the external platforms now receive the via the selected integration method. Results are no longer transmitted when an incomplete score exists immediately after the assessment attempt is complete. The following enhancements have been applied to effect this change:
    • 4422 - Essay enhancements for LTI post scoring integration
    • 4423 - Essay enhancements for AICC post scoring integration
    • 4424 - Essay enhancements for GET post scoring integration
    • 4425 - Essay enhancements for POST post scoring integration
  • 4430 - Enhancements to the explanatory text for the Email Templates Certificate field