Brillium Assessment Builder


  • Essay Grading
    • On the Essay Question type options, below the Points, a parameter (radio-button) added for Scoring: Percentage or Points
    • A Rich Text Editor (RTE) enabled text area labeled "Rubriс" has been added to enter essay scoring rules and rubrics for reference when essay graders are scoring questions
    • On the Essay Scoring screen, the Score entry now displays the maximum of allowable score in relation to the Scoring type (points of percentage)
      • if Percentage scoring for the question is selected, integers may be entered with a minimum of 0 and maximum of 100. 
      • if Points scoring for the question is selected, integers may be entered with a minimum of 0 and maximum of the total possible points set for the question.
    • When scoring essay questions, the Rubriс is displayed below the feedback text area for reference while scoring.
    • On the Notifications tab of Assessment Builder, there is now an option ‘When essays are scored’ for the parameter Enable Respondent Results Email:
      • If this option is selected, notifications to respondents will be sent when all essays of this assessment are scored for each respondent.
      • NOTE: under the current functionality, if the essay score is changed later, a secondary email to the respondent will not be sent.


  • Rich Text Editor Update to resolve a number of minor bugs
  • Dashboard Menu Item is now no longer linked to the default landing screen upon login. The initial login landing page can be expressly defined.
  • Enhancements to reduce downtime requirements for code changes.
  • Phased implementation of initial system changes to prevent "General Error" message encountered by some customers during assessments
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes, typos, and minor improvements


  • When Essay questions are scored, the results are not re-sent via HTTP POST methods (e.g. including learning platforms, such as Thinkific). This will be addressed in a forthcoming update.

Brillium Talent Screen


  • Job position sorting
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes, typos, and minor improvements