Selecting Brillium's Templates menu item displays all the email templates available for communicating with everyone that will access or complete a course or assessment or receive results via email. This page displays default email templates and any that you have copied and/or customized.

A Copy icon is displayed next to the default email templates because they cannot be edited or deleted.  You can, however, create your own templates by either copying a default template or creating a new one by selecting the Add New button found. Custom templates will be displayed on the lower half of the screen, below the Custom Templates heading.

Create a Email template screen options

To Create an Email Template

  1. Select Templates from the main menu.
  2. Select the Add New button.
  3. Select the email Type from the Type dropdown list
  4. Enter a Name to describe the template purpose
  5. Enter a from Name to appear on the email header
  6. Enter a Reply-To Email
  7. Select a Format for the template
  8. Enter a Email Subject (NOTE: Dynamic Fields can be used)
  9. Enter the email body (NOTE: Dynamic Fields can be used)
  10. If you wish to share this template with other Workspaces, select Yes on the Share radio button
  11. Select the Save button to save your changes

To Modify an Email Template

  1. Select the Edit icon next to the email template to modify
  2. Make desired changes
  3. Select the Save button to save your changes

To Copy an Email Template

  1. Select the Copy icon next to the assessment to copy
  2. Enter an Assessment name (NOTE: The new name must be unique)
  3. Select the Duplicate button

To Delete an Email Template

  1. Select the X icon next to the template to delete
  2. A confirmation screen will appear.
  3. Select the Confirm Deletion button to delete the template