Brillium does not authenticate with, or have any control over, Thinkific student login. However, if after a Brillium assessment is completed, Thinkific Students are being returned to a Thinkific Login page instead of the expected course page, there are a few things you can try.

Ensure Students use the Remember Me option

Thinkific Support advises that course creators recommend that students select the 'Remember Me' option when logging in to your Thinkific Site. This will prevent their Thinkific login cookie session from expiring and students should be re-directed to your Thinkific course page once the Brillium assessment has been completed, wihtout the need to login again.
The Thinkific sign-in uses a cookie to keep students signed in to your Thinkific account for two weeks. After two weeks, the session cookie will expire, and students will be required to sign back in to your Thinkific site. Students that clear their web browser cache during this two week period, may also cause this session cookie to expire, and will be asked to sign back in.

Brillium Link After Assessment

The Link After Assessment setting in Brillium Assessment Builder should contain a web link which, when properly entered, should redirect the student's web browser back to the specified Thinkific course page (typically the one from which the Brillium assessment was launched).
Commonly, this behavior is the result of the URL being entered incorrectly, improperly pasted, incomplete, or mis-formatted. If the link is incorrect, Thinkific may prompt students to login  again because it cannot find the page or site location specified in the Brillium Assessment Builder Requirements tab Link After Assessment setting (under the Assessment Logout Options).
To troubleshoot the issue, we suggest the following steps:
  1. Be sure the Link After Assessment (under the Assessment Logout Options) URL is correct. This will typically be a link to the Thinkific course page and look similar in form to the following:
  2. When testing the assessment process, be sure you are logged into Thinkific as a student registered for the course, not as a Thinkific administrator.
  3. Try manually typing the URL into Brillium. Pasting links can sometimes introduce "invisibles" or other characters that corrupt the web address.
  4. Contact Thinkific Support to ensure that the Thinkific login is not simply timing out, thereby prompting students to log back in.
If further assistance is required, contact the Thinkific Support team.
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