Brillium Assessments are categorized as one of four major types:

  • Test - a test, quiz, or exam that is typically intended to measure knowledge or aptitude traits, and produces a score based on the answers provided to the questions presented. Brillium tests produce a percentage score based on the scores of all questions answered during the test.
  • Survey - a survey is a questionnaire normally intended to gather and measure thoughts, feelings, or beliefs in an effort to understand an individual or group. Surveys do not deliver an overall score, but provide data for analysis across defined categories.
  • Certification - A certification exam is normally a high-stakes test that is marks a high-level of achievement, often related to a major milestone or goal. Certifications typically deliver an attestation, such as an award or certificate, that confirms comprehensive understanding of a broad subject area.
  • Talent - Talent assessments are Brillium assessments intended to deliver detailed or high-level candidate profile based on specific scoring algorithms. These assessments frequently cater to a specific business or industry, are often developed in conjunction with the aid of an organizational psychologist, and exchange data with Applicant Management Systems (ATS) and Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS). 

Create Assessments

To create an assessment:

  1. Select Assessments from the main menu
  2. Select the +Add New button 
  3. Enter an Assessment Name and select the Assessment Type from the dropdown menu
  4. Once an assessment is created, Topics and Questions can be added, and assessment configuration settings can be defined to create the overall assessment experience


Assessment Topics organize test, exam, and survey questions into groups or knowledge domains. Topics help to provide deep insight into learner knowledge and competency. 

Brillium Topics allow for defining question randomization and advanced scoring options.

Create Topics

(see the Create Topics with Brillium Assessment Builder article)


Questions are categorized into three different types:

  • Test Question Types - associate a score value and require a correct answer to be selected by the respondent. used in Tests, Quizzes, and Certification Exams
  • Survey Question Types - do not associate a score value, typically used to create a Survey or Talent assessment
  • Content Types - do not require an answer to be selected and intend to present content to a respondent


  1. Select an assessment from the assessment list
  2. Select + Add New 
  3. Select the appropriate question type


  1. Select the radio button next to a question type
  2. Select Preview to view an example of the question type presentation

Create Assessment Questions


The process for creating questions is generally the same, regardless of the question type selected.  Multiple Choice is the most common question type used in assessments.  The following steps will cover the Multiple Choice settings and options; however all question types share a common structure with minor differences between them.

Creating a Multiple Choice Question Type

  1. Select the Multiple Choice, then Select
  2. Select a topic from the Topic list. Each question much be associated with a topic.
  3. Enter a point value for the question.
  4. Enter a question. In addition to text, this may also include images, webpage links, and/or embedded videos.
  5. Enter the answer choices. For Multiple Choice, at least two answer choices must be entered.
  6. Indicate the correct answer.
  7. Preferences enables for the randomization of answer choices and also allows respondents to add comments when answering the question.
  8. Media allows the selection of a file to be displayed above the question.
  9. Select Preview to view how the question will appear when presented to respondents.
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