Brillium system and web browser requirements for core functionality

Brillium is a web application that requires a modern web browser for its core functionality. The recommendations below support good practices in maintaining a secure web environment.

It is important to note that web browsers not listed in this article may function perfectly well. Most modern web browsers share similar foundations (i.e. Mozilla, Chromium, etc.).

Brillium only provides direct support for the browsers identified in this article.

Brillium Authoring and Assessment Content creation

  • Broadband Internet Connection
  • A version of Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari, or Google Chrome released within the previous 24 month period, updated with recent security patches.


Web browsers not included in the following list may appear to function properly, however Brillium currently provides support for the browsers listed.

Brillium Respondent Requirements

Respondent Internet access requirements are determined by the assessment content as authored by customer.

  • Broadband or greater Internet access speeds are recommended.
  • A version of Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari, or Google Chrome released within the previous 24 month period, updated with recent security patches.


Alternative web browsers other than those listed above, may function, but are not officially supported by Brillium.

Javascript, Cookies, and SSL

Some Brillium assessment modes, such as Anonymous, may require web browser settings such as Javascript and browser cookies to be enabled.

Plug-Ins and Applications

Brillium authors and respondents do not require any plug-ins or third-party applications to use the software.

It is possible for Brillium authors to include linked or embedded objects such as PDF files, spreadsheets, or documents that may require third-party software to function within a web browser. This is only dependent on the assessment author's content choices and not a general requirement for Brillium.

Download File Types

Brillium reports and data downloads are available in several formats, depending on the nature of the report contents and the preference of the Brillium user. Some of these files may require third-party applications to view or edit the contents of such files.

Customized Features and Functions

Some Brillium instances provide non-standard or customized functionality that may have additional system requirements. For more information, contact the appropriate Brillium organizational administrator.